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My Blueberry House – Keeping It Simple From Start To Finish

My Blueberry House |
My Blueberry House – Keeping It Simple From Start to Finish


My Blueberry House – Keeping It Simple From Start to Finish

You’re probably familiar with the delicious taste and health benefits of blueberries. They’re high in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C and low in calories.  All good right? But if you’ve ever tried growing them, you know the birds like them as much as you do.

For several years, I’ve had blueberry bushes in my backyard but never once got to taste one of the ripe berries!  The birds, the birds, the birds!

This year I decided things would be different.  I wanted to keep it simple so used a combination of purchased material and things I already had on hand. First, let me say, it’s not level, squared up, or the most beautiful feature in my backyard but, this year I’m thrilled to say, we got to taste sun-kissed blueberries straight from the bush. And they were delicious!

I hope this provides you with inspiration for your own creative gardening adventure.  Here’s what my daughter and I did to build a simple blueberry house.

Concrete blocks were already dug into the soil around the blueberries to keep the grass from growing into the blueberry patch.

We pulled weeds from the bed, spread a layer of newspaper and then landscape fabric over the ground. The fabric was secured to the ground with U-stakes; some I had purchased earlier and some I fashioned from old wire clothes hangers.  They’re slightly thicker but seem to work just as well as the purchased ones.  (The center U-stake was purchased, the other two were made from an old wire clothes hanger).



Six foot long metal posts were pounded into the edges of the bed and placed about 4 feet apart.


Next, wire was wrapped around the posts, leaving an opening on one end of the bed.  The wire we used was only 4 feet wide so a second row was wrapped above the first and secured with a combination of zip ties (at the posts) and wire between the posts.

In order to be able to stand up inside the house, we used PVC pipe that I already had on hand.  It was placed in the metal posts and the longer pieces of PVC to arch and support the bird netting I planned to use.  The pieces of PVC were attached to the metal posts with zip ties.

Bird netting was then placed over the top and extended over the open end to create a cover for the doorway. The netting was attached to the wire with twist ties.

So, there you have it…today it’s Me 1, Birds 0.







4 thoughts on “My Blueberry House – Keeping It Simple From Start To Finish

  1. That is great!!! We used to pick huckleberries in Grassflat, PA as a child and that is a taste of summer I’ll never forget. Waking up to muffins filled with the ones that actually made it back to my grandmother and her sister for everyone to enjoy.

  2. Looks wonderful, works well, didn’t cost you much. I think you and your daughter are ingenious to figure it all out! Congratulations on a job well done!

    1. Thanks! We have fun making it as well and the berries were delicious. We’ll see what if any impact the winter weather has but I’m already thinking about the berries next year.

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